As a Cake Creator, my products have been highlighted in MunaLuchi Bride, Virginia Bride Magazine, and The Knot. I have volunteered as a judge for the SkilsUSA Baking Contest for the past few years. I am also a member of our Chamber of Commerce who helps connect me with so many credible and valuable businesses in our area.

When I’m not busy working on growing my business, you can catch me hanging out with my best friend and husband, Austin. We like to spend time with our friends and family right here in Stafford, VA. Most of the time, I’m cooking for them and loving their kiddos. I live for the crazy things that young kids say and do! They make me wonder what my parents witnessed when my sisters and I were young, hahaha. 
Occasionally we like to adventure out to Downtown Fredericksburg or the Shenandoah Mountains near Luray where we got married! I am a big foodie that likes to try out new restaurants, which Austin has grown to enjoy with me. We recently discovered The Valley Cork in Luray, VA that has the best atmosphere, staff, wine and beer list, and food! 

I am mostly known for making delicious desserts and all around great tasting meals. I love serving the world with food and being able to be a part of their moments. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are people and their story. I love being able to hear about their life experiences and how the world has impacted them. Everyone has their own story on how they met each other, where they grew up, and what has made them passionate about what they do. 

I design and decorate for the special moments in life. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, life accomplishment, or reuniting of friendship; I love being a part of that moment. I work with anyone who knows exactly what they want or trusts us to create a beautiful product with full artistic freedom. When someone trusts me with my ideas and artistic freedom, I am energized and feel incredibly blessed to have that opportunity. 

Most days you can find me decorating cakes; elbow deep in Buttercream and Fondant!

Hey there, I’m Camile!

Let’s talk more! Email us at or better yet, stop by our storefront so we can chat in person! Talk to you soon! 

You're still here?

Another GREAT QUESTION! I found my love for baking in high school through the culinary arts program at my school. I received a work opportunity at a local bakery, The Icing Baking Company, through a catering event that we did in the culinary arts program. I did a trial day at that bakery and they hired me that day! I started out as a cashier, then learned to help build and decorate cakes. My senior year, I became the lead baker and went in before school, baked, went to school, and went back to the bakery after school. I loved every moment I was there and decided that I wanted to go to Culinary School! I attended The Culinary Institute of America, the Harvard of Culinary Schools, and received my Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry and my Bachelors Degree in Applied Food Studies and Business Management with a Concentration in Farm to Table. After I graduated, I returned home for about a month to focus on planning my wedding! In that time, I was approached by the previous owner to purchase the business. Once I figured out financing, I agreed to take over the Bakery! In September 2018, we finally signed paperwork and made it official! Since then, my team and I have been working on recreating and uplifting The Icing Baking Company. 

So If I didn’t start the company, how did I get to be the owner? 

GREAT QUESTION! I didn’t start The Icing Baking Company, but I am incredibly grateful for being able to create what it is now.

How did I get to where I am now? 

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